Christchurch Lower Limb MSK US Course Sept 2022

Posted: September 20, 2022Category: Uncategorized

Christchurch Lower Limb MSK US Course Sept 2022

What a fantastic three days of scanning, learning and networking! To our wonderful course participants, we loved working with you, and thanks for the feedback...

"Brilliant course. Highly recommend it to anyone considering MSK interventions"

"Very well planned, very knowledgeable tutors who were dedicated to making sure we all took something out of the course"

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was really helpful and educational, having learned solid point of care approach to scanning patients with lower limb MSK issues"

"Great course, learnt lots"

"Supportive tutors"

We can't wait for our November Upper Limb course (sorry...fully subscribed!), and even more through 2023. We'd love you to join us!